Vegan Warrior Project: our journey from the idea to raving reviews

Vegan Warrior Project started with one father figuring out delicious and balanced meals for his children who had made a very grown-up and responsible decision to switch to an entirely plant-based diet. As VWP’s co-founder Ross Glick looked for ways to create exciting food for his kids, he discovered the ultimate truth: people no longer need to depend on animal products to live long, happy, and healthy lives. As a matter of fact, switching to a plant-based diet would help humanity and the planet do much better.

“I weighed almost 300 pounds in my 30s,” Glick shares. “My eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle eventually caught up with me. While most people in their 40s feel like they are in their prime, I had to face obesity, diabetes, and depression. Now, at 53, I am in the best shape of my life, I live and consume responsibly, and what I do for a living now is not just about making money. I used to be a marketing guru. My job was to make brands look good. What I am doing now is not just my job, it’s my mission.”

Shawn Zimberg, the other Vegan Warrior Project co-founder, is a radiation oncologist and Medical Director of Advanced Radiation Centers of New York. A vegan himself, he is convinced that plant-based diets are a key complement to the technologies he’s pioneered in the treatment of cancer in thousands of patients.

Vegan cooking can provide the taste and deliciousness that people crave, but without all the unfortunate side effects. The VWP mission is to help people eat healthy and assist businesses as they reinvent themselves and adapt to new realities.

The pandemic amplified serious problems in the restaurant industry. There is a very limited number of options of tasty vegan food categories available for delivery that are similar to the vast consumer base of flexitarians and vegetarians who more often want food that is tasty, healthy and plant-based.

After identifying a great market opportunity, Vegan Warrior Project set off on a breathtaking journey. The road from an idea to raving reviews took only 8 months! When you can skillfully combine healthy and delicious food with technology – you are destined for success. Vegan Warrior Project uses a virtual-licensing model with Fulfillment Kitchen Partners. We have helped revolutionize the struggling restaurant industry by meeting consumers where they are – online. We can help any kitchen with extra capacity thrive by fulfilling online orders of plant-based menu items.

“During the pandemic, I was trying to find a healthy vegan burger in NYC, but there were no other options than Beyond or Impossible,” says Ross Glick. Soon, VistroBurger was born, a VWP portfolio brand, was born.

The VistroBurger Menu was created in collaboration with the original team from famed Candle79 & Candle Cafe (NYC). The chefs were part of the Candle group for 20+ years, pioneering in the vegan/vegetarian food world. All of the burger patties are made with fresh and organic produce from local farms. Each chef-made burger is carefully assembled with a house made special sauce, vegan cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and onion on a toasted vegan kosher bun, also made in-house. VistroBurger successfully competes with Impossible and Beyond and truly redefines what it means to be a burger.

Omakaseed, a plant-based sushi experience, is VWP’s latest adventure. Vegan Warrior Project partnered with SimpleVenue, an agency that connects dining concepts with top class venues, to launch an innovative project that brings global flavors and fresh plant-based ingredients to New Yorkers and visitors from around the world, or, as food critics put it, Omakaseed brought “gorgeously fresh, plant-based, and globally inspired flavors”.

Vegan Warrior Project was born out of the desire to effect change, to make life better for everyone, and it has been very successful at doing just that.

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