Omakase done right

What could be more established than omakase – the classic Japanese dining experience? It’s a long-standing culinary tradition, in which guests leave themselves in the hands of a chef and receive a meal that is seasonal, elegant, artistic and uses the finest ingredients available. And yet, omakase is also experiencing a transformation that is now changing every aspect of our food and dining culture. It’s the plant-based revolution. And this revolution can’t be stopped.


The plant-based omakase experience is an exquisite fusion of tradition and innovation.  Are you searching for the best plant-based omakase place in New York now? Stop the search. We’ve got you covered. Put Omakaseed at the top of your list. Vegan Warrior Project partnered with SimpleVenue, an agency that connects dining concepts with top class venues, to launch an innovative project that will bring global flavors and fresh plant-based ingredients to New Yorkers and visitors from around the world. Omakaseed is a new vegan omakase experience that is about to debut at Plant Bar in Manhattan’s NoMad neighborhood.


The Omakaseed team creates an experience that is both modern and an homage to omakase tasting menus of the past, all while celebrating the best of the plant kingdom.

“Following the success of Sushi by Bou, we are thrilled to launch Omakaseed in partnership with Vegan Warrior Project,” says Erika London, SimpleVenue President. “Our mission is to bring the magic of omakase-style service to the plant-based dining scene, offering a personalized dining experience that takes a deeper look into the ingredients provided to us by the Earth every day. Omakaseed puts an emphasis on conscious cuisine, expanding the palettes of all who join us, vegan or not.”


Chef’s tasting menus are evolving. They have become less about wowing the guest with extravagant molecular gastronomy and more about allowing a chef to personalize the dining experience by putting together dishes he or she is passionate about. And by ordering omakase, diners are asking the chef to choose what is freshest and in season.


Omakaseed’s fresh take on plant-based dining is led by Michelin-starred chef Roberto Romero, in collaboration with Vegan Warrior Project chef Jorge Pineda (from legendary vegan restaurants Candle 79 and Candle Café).


“Each omakase course will incorporate eclectic global flavors,” says Jorge Pineda. “Our menu is carefully curated week by week based on what’s seasonally available and at its peak flavor profile, giving our guests a dining experience that uncovers the complexities of each vegan sushi course, completely transforming the vegan sushi concept.”


The menu will be inspired by global and Japanese cuisines and include a variety of nigiri and courses such as Potato Matcha Soup, Sunomo Style Pulled Oyster Mushroom Salad, and Watermelon Tuna with Pickled Kelp. Cocktails will follow the lead of the food courses, with a focus on fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables incorporated into libations that include Feel the Beet, Practice What you Peach, Who’s Your Edamame, Green Goddess, and Mint to Be.


“The demand for quality plant-based meals is skyrocketing,” explains Ross Glick, co-founder and CEO of Vegan Warrior Project. “We are currently delivering a variety of tasty, healthier, plant-based food brands in New York City. Our guiding philosophy in the kitchen is – taste first, clean cooking with quality and house-made ingredients. Omakaseed is the perfect expression of that philosophy.”

An omakase experience is truly unique – you sit at the sushi bar, interact with the chef and learn about fresh ingredients handpicked from the market. It’s flexible and creative. Make Omakaseed your next dining destination, it will be an exciting adventure!

About Vegan Warrior Project (VWP)

VWP is a NYC plant-based Food, Technology & Marketing organization, co-founded in 2020 and led by digital marketing and technology veteran Ross Glick, former CEO of iNDELIBLE Media. The company aims to help struggling independent restaurant owners everywhere optimize and maximize their untapped kitchen capacity, so they can create more profits for both the independent restaurant owner and VWP. Vegan Warrior Project is helping and aggregating thousands of independent restaurants to create the first nationwide Plant-Based Kitchen Fulfillment Partnership (‘KFP’) Network to support its geographic expansion for its wholly owned vegan delivery brands www.VistroBurger.com & www.PurpleThai.com. Both brands are currently available for delivery in NYC, from its flagship KFP Plant Bar NYC: Nomad.

About SimpleVenue

SimpleVenue, a NYC-based hospitality group, led by restaurateurs Michael Sinensky and Erika London, specializes in micro restaurants and bringing incredible concepts to underutilized spaces. The company has been doing it for over 15 years, and it is now a strategic investor and co-founder at VWP.