Investing in plant-based food is the new black

We have it on good authority that the plant-based sector is ON FIRE. The numbers don’t lie, see for yourself.

U.S. retail sales of plant-based grew 6.2% in 2021 over a record year of growth in 2020, bringing the total plant-based market value to an all-time high of $7.4 BILLION! Experts estimate that the plant-based foods market will reach $162 BILLION in the next 10 years, while in the past three years, plant-based meat sales have skyrocketed, growing by 74%. 62% or 79 million U.S. households are now buying plant-based products, and plant-based seafood has grown 14%. One-third of Millennial and Gen Z diners are seeking out vegetarian/vegan entrées as a first choice on menus. Brands like Beyond and Impossible have exploded. We are clearly heading into the plant-based future at an incredible speed.

There is another major trend amplified by the pandemic – increase in delivery-only kitchens. And this one is not showing any signs of slowing down either.

And therein lies a problem. There is a shockingly limited number of options of tasty vegan food categories available for delivery that are similar to the vast consumer base of flexitarians and vegetarians who more often want food that is tasty, healthy and plant-based. At the same time, independent restaurants have untapped kitchen capacities, but are struggling with transitioning into the plant-based sector.

Vegan Warrior Project addresses the issue with a truly disruptive solution, which is a major WIN for the restaurants and consumers, as well as a great opportunity for those looking to invest in the rapidly growing sector.

Great food + technology + data + marketing – these are the key ingredients of our magic recipe. We revolutionize the restaurant industry by meeting consumers where they are – online, and helping restaurants maximize their untapped kitchen capacity through the first Plant-Based Kitchen Fulfillment Partnership (KFP) Network. We create and leverage a nationwide network of existing restaurants as our KFPs and utilize their infrastructure/excess capacity in a true partnership that breathes life into stagnant yet skilled restaurants to increase their margins and our mutual profits. The consumer also wins, because subpar fast-food delivery choices are replaced with healthy food and impeccable quality.

The team behind Vegan Warrior Project is made up of medical doctors, chefs, restaurant owners, marketing and social media experts, industry veterans and interns, micro and macro thinkers, steadfast vegans and meat-loving omnivores. Despite many differences, we are all motivated by one vision – switching to plant-based products is a trend that will continue to grow, and restaurants can make a lot of money by maximizing their kitchen capacity with our delivery concepts.

Investing in plant-based food is the new black. In the US alone, plant-based foods companies were on the receiving end of a record $5B worth of investments in 2021, up by 60% over 2020 and a whopping 500% over 2019. Investors have contributed more than $11.B to alternative protein companies since 2010.

According to research from the Good Food Institute, “As global efforts ramp up to mitigate the climate crisis, address land and water issues, and prevent the next pandemic, the sustained interest in alternative proteins signals a growing appetite for planet-friendly investments with returns beyond the bottom line.”

As a food technology portfolio company, we are well aware of what’s going on. If you want to become a smart investor in plant-based food, keep this in mind – in order to be truly successful in this sector, one must skillfully combine food and technology. VWP centralizes data- and social-media-driven food orders which are geo-distributed to our KFPs via our proprietary technology platform. VWP owns all of our branding, marketing, menu-IP, and the consumer data. This ensures retention of customers.

Growing consumer concerns about health, ethical food and climate change are creating opportunities to invest in the burgeoning plant-based foods market. Consider supporting the industry revolution and making money while you are at it.